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Batman met my children yesterday. Big step, boys and girls, big huge step...

My kids have been through it because of my messed up love life. They've developed abandonment issues and whatnot and I have been very careful in the past few years to sheild them from whatever turbulence may occur in my romantic life. Aside from all of that, I never wanted to be that single mother with an endless parade of men traipsing through my children's lives. I have dated (albeit conservatively), but someone has to be pretty special to remain in my life long enough to meet my kids... besides, I was a bit concerned because I knew that my children were going to love Batman as much as I do... how could they not? He's amazing.

And guess what? They love him... even my son opened up with him and he doesn't do that. My son is pretty reserved and very protective of me--it didn't take long at all for him to be completely at ease with Batman. As a matter of fact, once he had left, my little boy told me that I should marry him. Adorable. I, of course, just smiled and changed the subject. Skylanders is always a great distraction with my ten year old man of the house. My kids, of course, do not know that Batman is already married... nor do they know what incredible complications exist in this relationship... but my heart is set on him.

We acheived lable status yesterday... I officially have a boyfriend. I had no idea how that was going to affect me... I almost couldn't breathe. That was what I wanted with all my heart... I wanted to be something to him... I want to be more someday... but after being nothing to anyone for so long, it was a very heavy thing for me to think of that all of a sudden, I belong to someone. The road ahead is full of known dangers along with all of those we can't possibly know... but I'm ready to face it all. I'm his <3

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