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I am about to share (with my 5 or 6 annonymous readers) the weirdest dream ever. Because it makes so little sense that I can't share it with anyone in real life, but it has stayed with me all day, casting an ominous shadow over everything I see.

Let me first say that I am an amateur ghost hunter. I go creepy places... at night... on purpose... searching out things that go bump in the night. I use several different divination techniques and have had several experiences that would make your hair stand on end--but I go looking for these things because I am utterly fascinated. This stuff doesn't bother me. Normally.

My dream found me in a house I had never seen before with my children in tow (they never accompany me on my haunted excursions). Some dude was buying the place and I was trying to get him not to. It was haunted, but not with the kind of ghosties I generally care to commune with. The place had a history of no owner ever staying longer than 47 days. (funny... that's exactly how many days away my birthday is... anxiety over being another year older, much?) Suddenly, it was dark and things started happening. There was a little girl with dark hair (think The Ring... I know, my dream is so cliche at this point, but I didn't consciously make this crap up) and she was frightened, there were toys that spontaneously came to life in a murderous rage (okay, how many horror movies is my subconscious borrowing from here?) and just as the last knife came flying at me from out of nowhere, I woke up. 3 AM, I'm shaking in my bed. What in the world? Such a stupid dream, right?

I didn't feel alone in the room. I had that feeling you had back when you were six and thought that if you put your foot on the floor, some demonic creature was going to reach out from under the bed and grab your ankle. Actually, for me, it was always a fear that the demonic creature was weilding a scalpel that it would use to slash my achilles tendon.  Yeah... I turned on netflix and went back to sleep. It wasn't easy, but I was rewarded with a nice little Batman dream... (sigh) that man...

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