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I read an incredibly creepy book once, entitled "Mine." It was about this incredibly insane woman who wanted to be a mother so badly, but couldn't, so she kidnapped a baby. Somehow in the process of reading the damn thing (recommended only to those with a strong stomach... and a love of horror), I began to associate possessiveness with insanity. I suppose there is a bit of insanity in us all... and under a specific set of circumstances, any one of us could go off the deep end. Some are just closer to that point than others...

This morning, I just can't stop thinking about the last married man I dated... who lied about being married, of course... and who's wife contacted me via facebook. After establishing that she was in fact his wife and I was in fact dating him, we had a bit of a heated exchange... during which, she stated "STAY AWAY FROM HIM, HE'S MINE!"

Pause for boistrous laughter...

Well... long story short, I was more than happy to back away from the situation. That's not my drama... I have no use for that sort of thing. What really struck me about the whole thing was her statement, "He's mine."  Of course I understand her emotional state. I understand her being angry at me--I don't blame her at all. As difficult as the situation was for me, she was the injured party, the saintly cheated spouse, blah, blah, blah... And she had every right to say everything she said to me... how could she understand my situation when hers was suddenly so dire?

That one statement from her, with such conviction (all caps... oh my... and exclaimation point... we're in serious territory here ) told me so much about the situation. In the few days that elapsed between my initial contact with her and my final contact with him, he had told me that she was his ex-wife and that she was crazy and wanted him back. Obviously, he was telling her that I was some crazy stalker or something... And to be honest, the guy wasn't that great of a catch.... certainly not someone who would have a crazed stalker after him.

With time and distance from the little fiasco, those words float into my vision from time to time and I laugh. Hard.

The entire thing says something rather interesting about my existence... I'm a pretty good judge of character, but the lonliness gets to me from time to time and I put up with some pretty blatantly bad lies in order to have some sort of relationship with some sort of human being... It's fun to pretend for a while. Then I reach the point at which I can no longer even pretend that I believe the bullshit and I cry for a minute... but the humor of it all lasts for a lifetime.

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