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I was on fire last night... I did three consecutive readings and each one actually made perfect sense. The exact events are not really clear, but the timing is startlingly spot-on. The best part (for you tarot readers out there) was the sun opposite the tower... and the six week timeline leading up to the death card in reverse. Anyway... I know for certain now that which I had suspected is true. I'm stubborn... I'm not giving up... but the truth is going to come out soon and I'm preparing my heart for the eventuality.

Preacher boy made an appearance last night... just as I had settled into my chair on the deck, all cozy in my sweats with my tea and my nook, his car appeared in my driveway. I don't care for drop-in visitors (as a woman alone with two kids, I get a bit insecure... ) so I was a bit put off... I was preparing to send him away in a stream of curses, after all, I haven't even so much as spoken to him in weeks... but as he walked up, his hands shoved in his pockets and head hung low, I began to melt a bit. He may have pulled the *poof* but I really did care about him and that doesn't just go away. I thought of Batman... and then thought of Batman at home with Mrs. Batman... and the obvious miss-text from earlier in the day... I am so weak.

I don't know where I stand with Preacher boy... even after a couple hours sitting on my deck and talking (I refused to let him in). At least this time we didn't fight... just talked about what's been going on with each of us. He's absolutely floored that I'm involved with a married man... I never should have told him that. He makes all sorts of grand plans... wants to do all of these things with me... but for the time being, I just can't move on like that. I belong to Batman...

Even if that means spending my friday nights alone with a good book...

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